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We're an inbound digital marketing agency that gives you complete control of your sales and marketing departments with automation and 360° data analytics.


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What we do

How it Works


Inbound marketing helps your customer find your brand


Your prospects are kept engaged to learn more about your brand


Inspire consumer confidence in your brand that leads to conversions


Confident in their decision, the customer makes a purchase


Continued engagement with your customers leads to repeat business and referrals


Customized Solutions to Fit Your Business

We understand that every business has unique needs and requires personalized attention to maximize return on investment.  This is why our digital marketing strategists work directly with our clients to develop an approach that works best for your business model and your goals.

Solutions to Increase Traffic and Conversions

Inbound Marketing

Attract new customers to your brand by focusing on prospects who are actively seeking the solutions and products that you offer.  Increase conversions with a comprehensive and sustainable strategy focused on developing quality branded content and expertise, SEO, personalized user experience, and lasting engagements with your customers to provide residual value long after your campaign is launched.

Solutions to Save Time and Reduce Expenses

Marketing Automation

Save time and money by automating the repeat tasks that your team is manually handling.  Increase customer retention and satisfaction by creating personalized journeys that guide buyers through their decision-making process with high-quality marketing content designed for each type of persona.

Solutions to Increase Visibility

Search Engine Optimization

An effective SEO strategy helps you appear higher in online search results.  Our team helps you increase visibility for your business while building authority and trust for your brand, leading to more organic traffic to your online business.

Solutions for Sustainability

Website Design and Development

The foundation of our technology solutions starts with a custom-designed WordPress, Drupal or Shopify website for your business.  With the right integrations, automation, and account-based marketing personalization, we create a seamless buying journey for your customers.

Solutions for Business Intelligence

Data Dashboards

Track live data analytics in real time on personalized dashboards that integrate with all of your marketing sources.  By focusing on metrics that are most important for your business, we make it possible to identify key opportunities and insights, as well as analyze your performance from anywhere, any time.

Solutions for Organic Growth

Content Marketing

Providing high-value content to your customer base is one of the most effective strategies in creating lasting residual returns on your marketing efforts.  Our team helps you research the most important topics for your industry based on search engine volume, and crafts messaging that resonates with your customers in their buyer journey.

Solutions for Performance

Enterprise-Grade Hosting

Website performance plays a significant part in search engine rankings, and with Google’s initiative to move to mobile-first search indexing, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your web resources are properly optimized.  We partner with WPEngine to offer best-in-class hosting on Google Cloud or AWS for companies of any size.

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Our Work

Unforgettable Experiences Built For an International Market

We drive innovation in the fields of user experience, visual design, functionality, and automation.  
This is a small selection of our favorite projects.

Case Study

Marketing Automation That Makes a Difference

Over the first 90 days of utilizing Auden Digital’s customized solutions, the Giddy team sold over 2,000 units, which grossed over $225,000. 

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