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  • Human-Centered Design
  • Latest Web and Industry Standards
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First, proper introductions are in order to set off on the right foot! You’ll meet with your Project Manager – PMP- or CSM-certified depending on the project – to get to know you and your business or company better. Feel free to ask away anything regarding the project, and we’ll do the same to get a better insight into your needs and future goals.


Time to infuse all of our creativity into crafting a product both you and your clients would love! We think about all the things that make your web solution appealing but also functional to your target audience.

But your opinion matters as well – you get submitted drafts for approval during each stage!

The design phase means there will be plenty of prototyping and testing to determine the best user experience, and tweaking with the interface to enable your clients exceptional ease of use. We also work on setting the wireframes so both you and us can get a better sense yourself what your product will look like in the end.

Last but not least, comes the all-mighty graphic design to bring creative ideas into life – a good illustration never hurt anyone, right?


The Development step revolves around turning your dream into a reality. Our team will implement the designs we’ve discussed using the latest in design, web, and user experience standards.
You will get a full walk-through of how to integrate your new project into your existing marketing plan, along with training on how to maintain it.

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