Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is the process of optimizing your website to better align with popular search engine algorithms.   Since it’s estimated that 70% of all search traffic goes to the top 3 results, SEO is an important part of an inbound marketing strategy and is one of the key factors in increasing your visibility.

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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Most shoppers don’t click through the first 30 links when they perform a search engine query.  In fact, they’re not likely to make it past the third listing.   Having good SEO can help your business appear in front of those who are directly searching for your solutions in various places like Google, Apple Maps, and more. 
Plain and simple – SEO gets you more visibility in front of more customers.
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Increase Visibility

Get found by more people in more places – search engines, maps, directory listings and more. Our team uses white-hat methods to create added visibility for your business and build authority and trust for your brand.

Better ROI

Businesses with well executed search engine optimization strategies get more organic traffic to their online websites or brick-n-mortar locations which leads to higher revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO is great for businesses that serve a local area or community. Your business benefits from local directory listings by ensuring that your locations, areas of service, reviews, and contact information are properly accessible from sites that have high domain authority (DA).

Common local SEO strategies include geography-based search terms (such as “inbound marketing Austin”) for which you are competing with your local community’s service providers. Appearing higher in search results can bring a significant uplift in business.

For online-only businesses, eCommerce companies, and digital services (such as software or SaaS), a national strategy is often the best way to put your product or service directly in front of consumers at various parts of their sales process.

Answering common questions (like “what is SEO?”) is a great way to build trust with your prospects when they’re doing research (let us know if it’s working!) Providing product or service information during the purchase phase is a key opportunity to highlight great reviews, competitive advantages, and instill trust in your brand (ie “SEO Agency Austin”).

Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed to work. SEO is a dynamic game, and your competitors are playing it as well. The key to an effective SEO strategy is to understand your competitors and your market.

We increase the success rate of our clients’ projects by utilizing industry-leading software, SEMRush, paired with live business dashboards to help you understand your competition, their weaknesses, and how much it would cost your business to dominate specific segments of the market.

Most sources indicate that SEO takes 3+ months to take effect, but the specific timeline depends entirely on your project. Early results can be seen as quickly as the third or fourth week, while large corporate and national SEO strategies can take significantly longer to show considerable improvements.

It’s important to keep a constant pulse on your key performance indicators (KPIs) and track your metrics using reports and data dashboards to see how your rankings improve over time.

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