Comprehensive Done-For-You HubSpot Onboarding

Auden Digital is a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Provider with recognition as a Local Excellence Provider, Top 20 HubSpot Agencies of 2020, and Top 5 Most Innovative HubSpot Agencies of 2021.

Let our team take the stress out of your marketing and sales operations by getting your HubSpot configured with best practices in mind for your business needs.

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How Auden Digital Makes HubSpot Onboarding Easier

Let our HubSpot-Certified marketing specialists guide you in setting up your marketing, sales, and service infrastructure.

HubSpot Experts

Every member of our team has a minimum of 3 certifications, and as a team we have 14 independent HubSpot Certifications. See Our Certifications.

Dedicated Team

We work in a team of 2-3 people on every onboarding, ensuring nothing gets missed and we have the necessary specialists to give your project the attention it deserves.

Project Management

Project Management hours are baked into the onboarding plan - we maintain a consistent meeting and reporting schedule to keep your team aligned with deliverables and needs.

Why Onboard with Auden Digital?

Auden Digital is a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner that makes HubSpot onboarding something you can set and forget. We can complete a full onboarding in as little as 21 days, and stick around for up to 90 days for training and support.

PRO TIP: Working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner can WAIVE your HubSpot software onboarding fees in lieu of our Done-For-You onboarding.

  • HubSpot Standard Onboarding
  • Best Value
HubSpot vs Auden Digital Onboarding Services HubSpot Standard Onboarding
Best Value
HubSpot vs Auden Digital Onboarding Services
90 Days
21-90 Days
Project Start10 Days3-5 Days
Meeting FrequencyEvery 2 WeeksWeekly
Onboarding TypeGuided EducationDone-For-You
MigrationsImport up to 5,000 Records Included
Third-Party IntegrationsMarketplace Apps Configured
Custom (API) IntegrationsCustom API Development Available
AutomationWorkflow and Sequence Setup
 Start HubSpot Onboarding

What Does HubSpot Onboarding Cover?

Real Marketing Results


How Marketing Automation Helped a Health Supplement Company Grow Sales by over 300%


Digital Marketing Strategy Deployed to Launch IoT Network Company


New Website & Full Service Digital Sales Solution Nets over $250K In First 90 Days

Simple Plan IT

SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy drives campaign engagement and increases traffic 86%

How it Works

Our team works with your department heads to configure the properties and settings to get your business operations on HubSpot.



We meet with your decision makers to determine the goals for your organization, and the options for pipelines and configurations within HubSpot.  A project plan is created with goals identified.



We work with your end-users to integrate third-party apps, set up workflow automation, establish templates for use, and train your team on the best practices of using HubSpot.


Ongoing Support

We continue to support your organization with strategy recommendations, product features updates, 1:1 or team training as needed, and general HubSpot support.

Common HubSpot Onboarding Goals

We will set up the full HubSpot CRM Suite to enable your marketing, sales, and support departments to automate their processes, and report on their progress.

Properties & Settings

Email Templates


Social Media Scheduling

Teams & Permissions


Sales Funnel

Billing and Invoicing

Customer Support

Why Companies Love Working with Auden Digital

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