HubSpot CRM Management Strategy

As a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner Agency, Auden Digital can help your internal marketing and sales teams grow by providing key marketing strategy support on your process and ecosystem.

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Start with an Audit

Our Certified team will comb your existing instance to identify opportunities for data cleanup, new segments, and automation workflows.

Best Practices for Every Tool

We follow our standard onboarding checklist to verify that each tool in your HubSpot instance is configured properly and to best practices.

We Fix As We Go

Identifying opportunities for improvement is only half the value - as we identify fixes and growth strategies, we develop a comprehensive list of recommendations and implement the ones that are relevant to your goals.

Certified Specialists

Our marketing team stays up to date with HubSpot Certifications to ensure we can always provide the best level of service for all of your business needs.

Experience Matters

We manage over 20 HubSpot accounts for clients all over the country, and have helped over 40 companies onboard and optimize their HubSpot instances.

What We'll Cover

We Support Marketing and Sales Department with Vital Strategies and Data Analysis

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Organize marketing collateral by campaign to track ROI across separate marketing efforts.


Track first-touch, last-touch or multi-touch attribution models across multiple channels to measure how effective your assets are in converting sales.

A/B Testing

Implement multiple A/B tests to improve open rates, click-through-rates, conversion rates, and interaction from your customers.

Workflow Automation

Replace repeatable processes with automation to save time and money while creating a more personalized touch-point for your users.

KPIs and Reporting

Identify and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) and report on opportunities to improve metrics over time.

Ads & Social

Monitor and analyze social media posts and ads across social networks and Google to gauge effectiveness in your marketing ecosystem.

Need Less Support?

Our Marketing Administration packages offer dedicated marketing VA support for day-to-day tasks that don’t require strategy

Ongoing Support

Our team provides retainer services as well as a-la-carte projects to help support your marketing and sales departments.

Content Strategy

SEO/Blog Strategy

CRM Management/Partitions

Social Media Strategy

Email Campaigns

A/B Testing & Analysis

Reporting & KPI Analysis

Chat Bot Strategy

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Our Clients' Real Marketing Results


How Marketing Automation Helped a Health Supplement Company Grow Sales by over 300%


Digital Marketing Strategy Deployed to Launch IoT Network Company


New Website & Full Service Digital Sales Solution Nets over $250K In First 90 Days

Simple Plan IT

SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy drives campaign engagement and increases traffic 86%

Zella City

Digital Marketing Strategy Deployed to Launch IoT Network Company

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