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The key to our success - you!​

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Our Ideal Partners

Who should Partner with Auden Digital?


Offer services that you don’t support in-house, either as an embedded member of your team (white label) or as a direct partner.


Share your technology solutions with companies in their growth phases by becoming a technology parter of Auden Digital.


Secure your investment with a marketing partner dedicated to helping your portfolio grow.


Secure your investment with a marketing partner dedicated to helping your portfolio grow


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How Does This Help?

Benefits of Partnering

We strive to make our partner relationships mutually beneficial by providing outstanding quality and service to your network while rewarding you for finding companies that can benefit from our solutions.

5% Referral Bonus

Earn a 5% referral bonus on the lifetime value of all referral sent to us. No caps, no minimums, no expirations.

Enterprise Level Strategy

Service that your friends and family can trust - Auden Digital will provide the highest level of customer service and quality to all referrals sent to us.

Reporting & Metrics

See where your referral deals are in the pipeline and get notified as soon as a qualifying deal closes or pays an invoice.

30-Day Payout

All commission is paid 30 days from the date of a successful invoice payment from a qualified deal.

Become a Partner

Please share your information with us below and we will contact you regarding your partnership interest.

Become a Partner

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