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We at Auden Digital partner with you to provide your customers with an effortless sales cycle. We combine industry-leading UX with an automated marketing backbone to optimize your conversions at an enterprise level.

What Are Story Points?

In AGILE, Story Points represent the level of effort that it takes to accomplish a task. Rather than counting hours and minutes, you will have a full understanding of what will be delivered in a given time period.

Different companies have different objectives, so you will have the freedom to pick and choose what we work on based on the priorities for your business, and understand the level of effort required to complete these tasks. You can rest assured that we will deliver a product that you are happy with, without worrying about the clock.

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Story Points vs Hours

To eliminate the emotional attachment to days and schedules, deliverables are estimated based on their complexity, rather than the anticipated time it would take to complete them.

A given team will know how many points they are able to complete in a week, which keeps our resources from burning out, and allows our clients full transparency on when something can be expected. With a set number of points for each month, you’ll be able to plan the inbound marketing priorities for your business ahead of time.

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