Giddy is a patented FDA Class II wearable medical device for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Aiming to become an industry leader alongside Hims and Roman, Giddy raised over $300,000 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

The Challenge

Coming off of Indiegogo, Giddy needed a website that could handle thousands of orders at scale, personalize information based on each customers’ journey through the program, and data automation to ensure that all customer records were kept up to date at all times. Giddy’s goal is to sell 1 million units within the first year while creating a personal experience for each customer.

Our Solution

Within 12 days, Auden Digital launched the first iteration of our automated WordPress platform.   Over the next several months, we integrated the HubSpot CRM suite, social proof, automated email campaigns, and segmented lists based on customer information.

This 17-touch inbound marketing strategy classified potential leads into over 160,000 possible user journeys designed to personalize the sales process to each person’s individual needs.

The Results

Within the first 90 days of utilizing Auden Digital’s automated WordPress platform, the Giddy Team sold over 2,000 units, which grossed $225,000 USD. Their page load time was optimized to a 1.9 second load time with a powerful combination of caching and CDNs. The site, which launched with a sub- 0.8% conversion rate, grew to 1.7% within the first 90 days through testing and data analysis, and saved over 30 hours of manual labor per week in implemented automations.