Customer Relationship Management

One solution to integrate your customer relationship management (CRM), sales, marketing, service and more.

The Done-For-You Solution

A Trusted HubSpot Solutions Partner

Auden Digital provides enterprise implementation and integration of HubSpot’s full suite of services.  In addition to setting up your HubSpot solution, we can integrate into dozens of other marketing solutions to give you an end-to-end sales and marketing solution for your business.


Inbound Marketing, Perfected

THE Customer Relationship Management System

The power of a customer relationship management (CRM) system is in the data that it puts at your team’s fingertips.  HubSpot allows you to see your full prospect and sales cycle, and handle any post-sale marketing or service requests that are required.


Your prospects turn into customers, and their entire engagement history is attached to a single record, allowing you full visibility into the true value of all of your campaigns.


Either within HubSpot’s native reporting features, or through our partnership with Databox, we can provide data dashboards and reports that put you in the driver’s seat of all of your operations.

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Benefits of HubSpot

Grow Your Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Auden Digital integrates and customizes your HubSpot solution to give you the most efficient automated marketing platform imaginable.

Automation & Management

We configure your HubSpot suite and provide ongoing marketing support to automate and optimize your most effective campaigns.

Tools & Integrations

We can integrate HubSpot with dozens of marketing solutions to give you full access to all of your customer data across any platform.

Growth Recommendations

As new advances in technology emerge, our team keeps your company informed of opportunities for Growth. We strive to provide the best recommendations to decrease costs and improve efficiency over time.

Data Dashboards and Analytics

Having all of your critical KPIs when you need them is important to the growth of your business. Our managed services come with visibility into Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEO rankings on easy-to-read dashboards.

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