Our mission

We leverage modern technology to build a sustainable future as we aim to shift the global mindset from waste to sustainability through education and developing technology. We achieve this partly through improving, scaling, and automating operational efficiency for SME companies.

Culture & Values


We do what is right - on and off the clock.


We believe in open communication for the greater good.

Thrive for excellence

"Mediocre" isn't in our vocabulary. Improvement - always.

Thirst for knowledge

The desire to know better runs in our veins.


Reduce. Reuse. Prosper.


Achieve more while doing less to power growth.

Our Team of Uniquely Qualified Experts

Meet the Auden Team

Alex Leybovich


As a serial entrepreneur and enterprise digital marketing strategist, Alex helps small and medium enterprise companies (SME) achieve higher profit potential by focusing on conversion rate optimization (CRO), functional user experience (UX) and marketing automation (MA).

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Bryan Jimenez

Lead Developer

As a full-stack web developer, web designer and online marketing strategist, Bryan helps small to medium-sized businesses reach a higher potential of customers or clients through online portals, branding, social strategizing and email marketing.

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Chad Bradshaw

Automation Lead

Chad is a team player who brings a versatile project management background with over 16 years of technical experience with him.

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Ellie Hays

Lead Developer

For the past 20 years, Ellie has freelanced for a wide range of national and global clients from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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I wouldn't even know how to get my business off the ground without the expertise at Auden Digital. Alex was able to talk me through many of the pain points and provided me with invaluable guidance. Definitely worth reaching out to them!

— Joshua S.

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At Auden Digital, we recognize and create unique opportunities to grow, automate, and streamline your business. We take the guess work out of your success, saving you time and money, all resulting in goal crushing profits. Click below to get started.

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We at Auden Digital partner with you to provide your customers with an effortless sales cycle. We combine industry-leading UX with an automated marketing backbone to optimize your conversions at an enterprise level.


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