About Auden Digital,
Full Service Inbound Marketing Agency

We’re just like you – entrepreneurs, doers, dreamers, enthusiasts, and passionate about the world around us.  

We are Auden Digital – a modern digital marketing agency designed to make technology more human, and business easier.

Marketing Team

Alex Leybovich

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Haye

Director of Marketing

Grayson Haye

Operations Manager

Keith Kiya

Project Manager

Annette Giordano

Marketing Strategist

Elizabeth Hauser

Automation Specialist
Building and Launching in 48 Hours

Company Culture

As digital pioneers, we’ve been leveraging remote work long before it became a cultural necessity. Nimble and adaptive, our team understands the importance of connection across a digital platform.

At Auden Digital, laughter is a part of our daily routine. We believe in knowing each other, and our clients, on an interpersonal level. Made up of industry leaders, creative innovators, and global strategists, our team cohesively uses individual gifts and skills to your collective advantage.

Camaraderie fuels our passion for helping our clients implement automation and technology to feel the same kind of freedom our team knows and loves.

Our Partners

Enterprise companies trust Auden Digital with their clients’ marketing and sales technology implementations and integrations.  We look forward to bringing you the same expertise that helps companies like these grow.

Why Companies Love Working with Auden Digital

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