7 Zaps to Increase Conversions

7 Zaps to Increase Conversions Are you using different platforms in the running of your business, but coordinating between them is proving to be time-consuming? Then Zapier is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s a tool that allows you to connect over 1,500 apps allowing them to work together.  Zapier boosts automation and allows […]

The Art of Online Conversion Growth

Are you on a mission to increase your online conversion rate, but have no idea what to do? The average lead conversion rate is just 2.35%, which means the majority of your customers are slipping through your fingers. If you knew how to increase store conversion by just a couple of percent you could double or […]

7 Reasons We Recommend WordPress for Automation

7 Reasons We Recommend WordPress for Automation Are you getting overwhelmed with running your business and are looking for ways to automate processes that are usually a time sink? Then consider taking advantage of the automated features offered by WordPress. It saves time, cuts costs, and increases the bottom line.  34% of the world’s websites […]

Why Wix and Squarespace Don’t Get the Results You Want

All Website Builders Are the Same – Right? When a company is starting out, it might seem like the cheapest solutions to get online and get going will be best, but this is one of the most expensive mistakes that a business can make if the proper planning and understanding of marketing isn’t a major […]