How Technology Is Disrupting Traditional Industries 

Technology has infiltrated every industry. As the years continue to go by, this trend is only going to become more apparent.  Traditional fields that technology had a hard time entering are now being disrupted. Farming, a historically stubborn and generational field, is slowly being taken over by technology. As the development of artificial intelligence and […]

Website Rebuild – Does It Make Sense?

Arguably one of the most important pieces of a digital marketing strategy is a company’s website.  Having an effective web presence allows potential customers to find your business when they’re searching online, engage with your brand as they research, and become long-term clients and supporters of your business.  If your website is a brochure rather […]

What is CTR & Why Is it important for my Austin E-Commerce Site?

CTR Strategy It’s one thing to take out ads for your business, but it’s no good if you can’t get people to actually visit your website. That’s why click-through rate, or CTR, is so important. There are more ways than ever to make your digital mark, but you need to know what’s most effective for […]