How To Increase Conversion Rates – An Austin Expert’s Guide

If you have an online presence, you want to make sure that it’s actually doing something for you. You don’t just want them to visit your website. You want them to buy your product. Turning a visitor into a customer is known as a conversion, and Auden Digital can help you attract more customers with […]

7 KPI’s That Are Worth Paying Attention To

There is an overwhelming number of metrics to monitor when tracking website performance. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on a few key metrics that tell the whole story. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are used to see which goals are being met. The variables you track depend on your priorities, but in this article, you’ll […]

Importance of UX & UI Design & Driving Conversions with Landing Pages

At their most profound level, both UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) focus on how to improve human experience of systems. Websites designed with UX and UI in mind are shaped and guided by questions like: How do users feel when interacting with sites? How can websites better fulfill and anticipate users’ needs? How […]

SEO Basics – Ultimate Guide for Beginners

To the uninitiated, search engine optimization or SEO can feel akin to learning a foreign language. Rest assured, SEO is more straightforward than it appears, and the benefits of familiarising yourself with it are incredibly lucrative. If you can successfully integrate SEO principles into your site, you can expect to stand out in search engine […]

Adding Automation to Your WordPress Site Part I

Automation is a term that often conjures up images of robotics, AI, and impersonal mechanization. While the idea of relinquishing control of your WordPress site to automation may sound less than appealing, adding automation to your WordPress site is highly advantageous. Automation relieves you of labor-intensive site management tasks that are essential but time-consuming. The […]